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The Creation of Vinachi

A Musical Journey

     When it comes to throwing a party, Vinachi is the DJ for you. With 11 years of experience and the personality to rock a crowd, it's guaranteed that your event will be one to remember. Growing up, music was the only focus and entertaining a crowd was the goal. With that in mind, Vinachi has expanded his borders and continues to impress every venue in which he obtains.

      Vinachi is a self-taught, Producing Disc Jockey sent on a mission to expand his musical talents far and wide. Spinning a wide spectrum of music genres, Vinachi strives to meet and exceed all expectations at every event in which he performs.

     Vinachi uses state of the art equipment in order to create a professional appearance along with high definition, crisp, full range of sound. These two key components mixed with Vinachi's style,musical creativity, and his interaction with the crowd on a microphone is a harmonic combination guaranteed to make the                experience unforgettable.

   Vinachi has performed in numerous states throughout the east coast (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Florida, and South Carolina for example). Venues ranging from full scale weddings to Sweet 16's. From corporate parties to charity fundraisers. Vinachi's passion for music and determination to grow as an artist is what sets him apart    from the rest.

   With the dedication to succeed and his love for deejaying, Vinachi is destined to set new levels as an artist. To him, it's not just about mixing tracks, it's about reaching out to the audience and creating memories through the sound of      music. Vinachi is exactly the DJ every event needs.

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